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At Pen and Lens, we choose our clients carefully to make sure that their values are aligned with ours.  At this stage of our lives, work is about doing our bit to make the world a better place.

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We arrived at this conclusion through volunteering, from the joy that we experienced by using our journalistic and communication skills to promote causes we believe in.

The first story we worked on together actually led to the creation of Pen and Lens as a business partnership.  At the time, in the fall of 2014, Judy was volunteering with the Rotary Club of downtown Edmonton and serving on the committee that works to find jobs for intellectually disabled people as well as others with disabilities.

Judy was asked to write a magazine article for the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Alberta (CPHR).  Judy saw a great volunteer opportunity to reach 3,000 Human Resources professionals and make them aware of the job skills of people with disabilities. But, as a journalist who spent most of her career in a visual medium, she knew photographs would tell the story. So she “voluntold” Ian, who was happy to put his camera into action.

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We loved the experience of working together almost as much as we loved telling a story to enlighten people, not to mention ourselves,  and to uplift them at the same time.

You can see our article in the Winter 2014 of Human Capital Magazine.